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Arthritis Pain ReliefRheumatoid arthritis has become an increasingly troubling concern in the medical society. With the percentage of population affected by arthritis rising every year (currently 1% of the worldís population is afflicted by a form of rheumatoid arthritis), more advanced methods of treatment are being developed. A new trend has become widespread in medical care for RA patients, which involves aggressive, proactive treatment in early stages of the disease. This gives a real chance of remission for vast majority of patients, but this method is only effective if rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed early. The treatment involves use of biologic drug etanercept (Enbrel), disease-modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD) and general non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Current lab results are outstanding - over 40% of patients involved in the trials achieved complete rheumatoid arthritis remission; others have received no further damage to joints during 3 years of treatment. And with a well coordinated use of anti-inflammatory drugs, the discomfort caused by RA can be completely avoided.

While the best minds of medical science are doing their utmost to discover a more effective treatment option for patients with a fully onset Rheumatoid arthritis, for whom an early stage treatment is no longer viable, one question still stands - the painful effects and inflammation caused by RA. Right now, the only known effective way to treat them is using pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications. Most people with RA are doing just fine with prescribed drugs, but if you are positive you require additional pain-relief, you are able to buy arthritis drugs no prescription from various online stores. Even at early stages of the disease, inflammation is a major cause of discomfort. It is only natural to want to get rid of it. Luckily, most of these drugs are OTC (Over The Counter) type, meaning you can safely buy arthritis drugs no prescription and use it on your own.

Even thought rheumatoid arthritis is deemed incurable, the facts that point out its vulnerability to advanced treatment are obvious:

  • Although every detail which causes rheumatoid arthritis is unknown, medical science steadily progresses on its way to find measures of completely curing the disease: total amount of patients who successfully stopped the advance of RA and gained remission is gradually rising.
  • With the right approach to treatment, over 40% of patients may reach complete remission; others will be able to successfully stop the progression of the disease.
  • Judging by the latest clinical tests, it is possible to completely wipe out unpleasant and painful effects of arthritis with the use of new generation anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers. On this website, we have presented a wide variety of drugs that may help you fight the disease and be free of pain and discomfort.
  • It is never late to begin treatment, even when the disease is fully onset. Take the initiative, ask your doctor for more options in treatment, maybe an increase in dosage or a switch to a different kind of medication. Right now, it is no longer about simply being positive about the problem - You have real chance to Fight it, and You can Win.
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